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9th INSME Annual Meeting - 2013

Welcome to Izmir

Governor of İzmir M. Cahit KIRAÇ's Welcome Address

Cahit KiracIt is a great pleasure for me to welcome all the distinguished participants to İzmir at 9th Annual Meeting of the International Network for SMEs (INSME) to our city on 21-24 May 2013.

Hosting this exclusive conference is expressive for İzmir which has been the outstanding historical centre for mercantile, art and culture as one of the oldest settlements of the Mediterranean basin for much of its history. In this enchanting atmosphere, during the conference we will harmonize our experiences, cultures ...

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Mayor of İzmir Aziz Kocaoğlu's Welcome Address

Aziz KocaogluI am very pleased to invite you to the 9thINSME Annual Meeting under the theme of “The Governance of Innovation: Building an Innovative Eco-system for SME’s” to be held in İzmir, on May 21 - 24, 2013.

İzmir, “the pearl of the east Aegean” as Victor Hugo named, is a very special city in which people from different cultures and various religious denominations have lived for hundreds of years in “peace and harmony”.

Besides being the most strategic port city of Turkey, İzmir is located at a central location...

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