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9th INSME Annual Meeting - 2013

IMP³rove Award



During the Gala Dinner on May 22nd, the International IMP³rove Award Ceremony will take place, where the official IMP3rove Jury will present the winner SMEs from Turkey and award them with a certificate and a trophee.

The International IMP³rove Award is granted to small and medium sized enterprises that have demonstrated impressive sustainable growth based on systematic innovation management.

The IMP³rove Award:

  • Highlights best practices in innovation management leading to superior growth in revenue, profit and number of employee
  • Delivers the proof of outstanding performance in very different industry sectors
  • Illustrates the creativity and ability to successfully manage risk in innovation at SMEs
  • Shows the wide variety of approaches that all lead to increased competitiveness
  • Encourages other SMEs to develop their own innovation management capabilities for sustainable growth
  • Builds on a well-tested approach that is established in all major European Countries and beyond

The IMP³rove Award combines online benchmarking of the SME’s innovation
management capabilities with on-site visits and an Award Ceremony for the winner(s) of the IMP³rove Award.


Online benchmarking

The SMEs will access the IMP³rove Assessment via the IMP³rove online platform.

Once the SME has completed the IMP³rove Assessment, they can request the IM³rove Benchmarking report.

This report provides already detailed feedback on the SMEs innovation management performance in relation
to the average and the top 10% of the companies in the benchmarking sample.

Once the period for the IMP³rove Award competition has expired, the IMP³rove Core Team will analyse the IMP³rove database and provide a ranking of the contest participants.

Download the IMP³rove Award promotional flyer.




For further information please visit the official website.