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9th INSME Annual Meeting - 2013

"The Governance of Innovation

Building an Innovative Eco-System for SMEs



A warm welcome to our 9th INSME Annual Meeting website!


The International Network for SMEs (INSME) aims at promoting the internationalization of national innovation systems. Our network encourages and facilitates transnational cooperation among innovation stakeholders worldwide, with a view to fostering SMEs’ access to existing knowledge.

The INSME Annual Meeting is a perfect place to take stock of the main Network achievements, to increase knowledge sharing among INSME Members by learning from other Members’ experiences and from their case studies, as well as to encourage and accelerate cross border cooperation activities on a voluntary basis among them.

But the Annual Meeting is much more than this: for all innovation stakeholders and practitioners as policy makers, international organizations, academic experts, financial actors, business intermediaries and knowledge networks it represents a perfect occasion to meet the right players, to discuss most relevant topics and to potentially identify the right talents, partners, clients, sponsors and investors for future activities as marketing proper services, projects and ideas by reaching the appropriate professional audience.

As INSME Secretary General I am very much looking forward to welcoming you in Turkey, learning more about your priorities and good practice approaches and joining forces to create a more SME-friendly Innovation Eco-System.

Meet you at İzmir!

Christin PfeifferMs. Christin Pfeiffer
INSME Secretary General

pfeiffer@insme.it - secretariat@insme.it